How I Became A Shared Wife

My husband Mark has been sharing me with other men and women for over 30 years, and in that time I’ve engaged in virtually ever sexual activity there is that doesn’t involve pain or humiliation two hot girls. That includes public flashing, couple swapping, 3somes, 4somes, oral only gangbangs, full gangbangs, MILF teaches sex, bukkake, public sex, anal, double penetration, and sexy little anal slut, all kinds of sexual games and toys, and more. But it all started very innocently, and this is the story of that fateful night.

Tim had been Mark’s closest friend through both high school and university, and they did everything together. It wasn’t till later that I found out exactly how much was included under the heading of “everything”. But shortly after graduation, Tim got a job in Vancouver, and although they kept in touch, Mark didn’t see Tim again until our wedding. Mark chose Tim to be his best man and Tim flew in to Toronto from Vancouver a week before the wedding so they could spend some time together.

At that point, Mark and I were already living together, and although Tim said he was happy to stay at a hotel, Mark insisted he stay with us for the week. I went with Mark to pick Tim up at the airport, and Mark asked me to dress up in a very sexy outfit, because he said that he wanted to show me off in front of Tim. Although we had never had any sex with anyone else since we’d started dating,
I’ve been an exhibitionist since my days as a topless dancer at the Rondun Tavern in the Junction area of Toronto, and Mark really seemed to get off on it, so I had lots of “provocative” clothing in my wardrobe. I chose a sheer red top without a bra, so my big, dark nipples were clearly visible, a tight black micro-miniskirt, sheer black panties, stay-up black stockings, and a pair of 6″ black high heels. As usual, Mark was ready long before me, and he was waiting downstairs for me. When I came walking down the stairs, he whistled and said,

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Coming to terms with my desires

I’d like to start this by apologising for any grammatical errors, I’m not going to spend a bunch of time on this. Also I’d like to thank you for reading, this it the first time I’ve put this in words.
Growing up I had a great, fun childhood, I am the youngest in a family of three siblings. One brother 2 years older than me and then other 3 with me as the “baby sister”. Around middle school I developed a need for glasses which started the teasing with the girls in my grade. It never really stopped so I developed friends with most of the guys in my grade.

Come high school things changed slightly as there were many new people and I didn’t see the girls from my middle school often, I focused on school and volleyball which I loved. Until the summer in between grades 9-10. It literally felt like over night I developed. And I mean not just a little. I went from a 5’2 thin girl, to having to buy DD bras. I was so embarrassed, I wore sweaters constantly and hunched my shoulders.

The worst part was gym class. Running. The looks. I caught boys staring at my chest constantly. Even teachers. I wore two sports bras to keep them under control for volleyball.
But it wasn’t all bad, I got invited to parties and the boy I had a crush on was paying attention to me now so I started slowly embracing the attention. Over the next years I had several relationships and explored my sexuality fairly well. When I turned 18 and started going to the bar it all changed. Men hit on me. Guys my fathers age. I had no idea what to do, so I asked one of my friends. She said I should play it up, let them buy me drinks and just have fun.

So that’s what I did. I danced and got free drinks, the most that happened was a little making out and a phone number exchange. Until I met Daniel. He wasn’t what I’d call classically handsome, was short skinny and perhaps a little nerdy looking. We talked and exchanged numbers and I didn’t plan on calling him again.

A couple weeks later I was stranded, at a bar across the city and with no way home. I tried a bunch of friends to no luck and sucked it up and called Daniel. He came to pick me up very fast, he had an older grey civic and was nice. He asked where I lived and I told him my street.

Not the address, this was dangerous enough. I offered him money and he said no thanks, and said I looked lovely.
I don’t know what came over me but I put my hand on his leg, he tensed up, and I said is that okay, he said yes, and I rubbed up and down his leg, I told him to pull over and kissed him, and he instantly grabbed my chest, I felt my hand into his crotch and surprised with what I felt. Thick. Thick and warm.

He undid his pants and I put my hand into his warm boxers, he was hairy but my god. It was thick and hard. He kissed my neck and down my chest pulling my shirt open. I stroked his cock and he moaned.

He asked if I wanted to suck him and I said okay. He reclined and pulled his pants down. I went forward and was hit with his smell. Spicy and warm, and then opened my mouth and sucked him into me.

He moaned and bucked his hips, and I could barely keep myself open wide enough. He pushed and pushed till thi ck salty cum exploded down my mouth
I knew to swallow so I did. And honestly I loved it.

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